How To Know If Your Central Air Conditioning Unit Is On The Fritz

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It is vital that you are well aware of the common signs that may indicate that your central air conditioning unit is beginning to become a problem. This way, you will know when to call for professional assistance so you and your family will not have to find yourselves stuck in a super hot house in the middle of the hottest part of the year.

The House Is Never As Cool As You Would Expect

When you want to cool down your house, you set the thermostat to the desired temperature and you should find that within a short amount of time, the inside of your house will reach that desired temperature. However, when your central air conditioning unit is starting to fail, you will find that it may not be able to cool off your home like it should. The problem could be something as simple as the coolant is running low, and it needs more. Then again, it could be a more serious problem with the fan or motor that will need to be repaired by a professional.

There Are Weird Sounds Coming From The Unit

It is not as though you should expect your central air conditioning unit to be completely quiet while it is running, as it will make a little bit of noise. However, it should really not be anything more than a slight humming sound. If you are hearing what sounds like a banging sound or clicking noises, you will want to bring it to the attention of a skilled HVAC technician from a company like Pallett Heating and Cooling. There could be a stuck or broken belt. Then again, there may be some parts that should be replaced before the entire system stops working altogether.

You Always See Water On The Ground Around The Unit

There is nothing alarming about noticing a little bit of water on the ground around the central air conditioning unit. The problem is when there is always a lot of water on the ground and an actual puddle forming. In such cases, the problem is usually a bad drain line, but you will want a skilled HVAC technician to take a look at it for you. This way, in case it happens to be leaking coolant, the problem can be repaired before you have to worry about running out.

While you have the HVAC technician looking over the current problem that you are having, you might to ask him or her if they can inspect the rest of the unit. This way, if there are some things that are about to go wrong within other parts of the central air unit, they will be spotted and corrected before they become a real issue.