Tips To Keep Your Air Conditioning Unit Running Smoothly

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Like most of your other major appliances, your air conditioner needs to be maintained in order to keep it running properly. You want your A/C unit working each and every warm weather season, starting on command and cooling your home the way you like it. Maintaining your unit is not too difficult, but it should be done prior to the season and throughout the season. See below for some helpful maintenance tips to keep your unit running smoothly.

Clean Inside The Unit

The unit itself can accumulate with debris such as dirt, twigs, and leaves. To clean the inside portion, you first need to shut the power off to the unit. You should have an exterior shut-off switch, but if you aren't sure where that is located, you can turn the power off at the breaker. Once the power is off, use a nut driver to take the top housing off of the unit, and remove the fan. This will still be attached by wires, so you'll just need to hang the fan over the side carefully. Once the unit is open, clean up the interior as best as possible. You can spray the inside down as well for a more thorough cleaning, but be sure not to spray the fan motor with water.

Clean The Fins

The fins of the unit can also accumulate with debris. It can get clogged with grass clippings, cottonwood, dirt, and other debris. You can spray it down with a garden hose, as a pressure washer has too much power and can damage the fins, or you can use compressed air to gently remove the debris. Look at the fins when they are cleaned. If you have a lot of bent fins, you can try to straighten them gently with a butter knife. 

Clean Around The Unit

The exterior portion of the unit should also be cleaned up. Remove tall plants, weeds, or grass that could be blocking air flow to your unit. Also remove anything else that can be blocking the air flow. Never place anything on the unit to cover it when in use. 

Change Air Filters

The air filters should be changed each and every month. Those filters help collect the dust and dander to prevent it from getting blown throughout your home. If these filters are clogged, it can prevent proper air flow to the unit, and could cause it to stop working altogether. Mark your calendar to change your air filter each month so you remember. It's definitely one maintenance step you don't want to skip.

Your air conditioner is an appliance that needs to be taken good care of and maintained. You'll be rewarded with a cool and comfortable home each and every summer season.

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