Visiting With Grandma? 3 Things To Check To Keep Her HVAC System Running Smoothly

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There is nothing like stopping by your grandma's house where you just know that you will be treated to freshly baked cookies even now that you've grown up. While you are mostly there for conversation, you also want to make sure that she's doing okay. Checking on her HVAC unit is a great way to repay her for all of those life lessons she's shared over the years, and you can make sure that she stays comfortable all season by using these simple air conditioning maintenance tips.

Change the Air Filters

When your grandma lives alone, she may not always remember or be able to change the air filters on her unit. However, dirty air filters restrict the air flow through the vents, and they can lead to a need for repairs if a clog gets too big. Ask her when the air filters were last changed, and replace any that appear dirty or have not been changed according to the recommended schedule. Then, arrange to have this done as part of her regular seasonal maintenance plan.

Listen For Odd Noises

As you talk, listen to the sounds that her HVAC system makes as it comes on. While you may hear a minor click or rush of air, you should never hear disturbingly loud sounds such as a squeal. If you do hear an odd noise, have it checked out. AC repair is always better when you catch a problem early, and a loud knock or squeal could just mean a minor component is going out such as a belt.

Note the Room Temperature

Hearing the A/C run constantly is never a good sign, since that means that the unit is unable to cool your grandma's home properly. This could be caused by a fault in the system or it may be the wrong-sized unit. You might also notice that certain parts of the house have uneven temperatures. If all of the vents are opened, then this also calls for an inspection from an HVAC specialist who can identify the true source of the problem.

This season, show your grandma some love by doing a little walk around her house to check on her HVAC unit. Since seniors are vulnerable to health effects from extreme temperatures, keeping her HVAC system running well keeps her comfortable and prevents her from falling ill. If you notice something amiss, make sure to arrange for prompt repairs so that you always know that your grandma is comfortable when she is at home.