Keep That Air Conditioning Blowing

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The air conditioning in your home is what makes the hot temperatures in the summer completely doable. There is nothing like going out to the summer sun for some fun, but then having the ability to come back inside where it is nice and cool. The problem is that it seems the summer months are when all the air conditioning problems arise. The added use of the air conditioner during the summer months put strain on the air conditioner and can cause it to malfunction. However, you can' have the air conditioner go out on you both for comfort and financial reasons. So, here are a few ways that you can keep your air conditioner running properly.

Yearly Upkeep

One of the very best things that you can do for your air conditioning unit is to have a technician come inspect the air conditioning system after each season of use. When the fall starts to roll around and football is in the air, call a technician. The technician will come in and inspect the system to see if the summer months took a toll on the system. By doing yearly maintenance each fall you can avoid some of the big break downs that can occur the next year.

Air Ducts

One of the most simple thing that a homeowner can do to keep the air conditioning system up and running is clean out the air ducts. Air ducts are the way that the cool air is pushed through the home. If the air ducts are completely blocked then not only will the cool air not reach the specific rooms, but it can put a lot of extra strain on the air conditioning system. Think about arteries and the heart. If the arteries are blocked then the heart has to work extra hard to get blood past the blocked artery, and it can cause all sorts of heart problems. An air conditioning unit with blocked air ducts is very similar.

Air Compressor

The little air compressor unit outside need to be well maintained. Be sure that you cut back all vegetation from the air compressor. Clean out the compressor, and make sure the fins are completely straight so you avoid any blockage of airflow. One of the most important aspects of the compressor is making sure that it is completely level. There is coolant that run through the compressor, and if it is not level the coolant is not able to travel through the coils properly. Contact a service, like Reid’s AC & Heat, for more help.