Three Common Reasons An AC Inspection At The End Of Summer Is Important

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Many homeowners think that since they scheduled an AC inspection in the beginning of summer and addressed problems then that means there is no need for another inspection until the next year. However, this isn't always the case. In fact, there are probably problems that are going to arise over the course of summer since your AC is being used a great deal that might need to be addressed through a second inspection. Here are three common reasons a second inspection at the end of summer is important:

  1. Ice on the System: If you notice ice anywhere on your AC system, you need to have an inspection done. Many homeowners think this is normal since ice must just mean that the AC is working hard, right? Wrong. This is not the case since ice build up just means that the AC coil is getting too cold. Once that coil freezes, it insulates the AC system and, thus makes it have to work harder to cool the air passing through it. Chances are, you have a refrigerant leak or you just need to clean the air filters. Whatever the case, you should have an AC inspection performed to ensure that the ice build up did not cause other problems from the system having to work harder. 
  2. Short-Cycling: Short-cycling means that the AC is turning on and off much too often. When this happens, there are a number of problems that could be concerning, including a refrigerant leak, dirty coil, malfunctioning thermostat, and more. Since so many different problems could be a cause, it's extremely important to get a second inspection done to prevent your AC from overworking itself without actually keeping your home cool. 
  3. Noises: If you notice any strange noises coming from your AC system, then a second inspection is a must. Many strange noises could come up, including grinding noises, screeching, or banging. Whatever noise you hear, it usually means that there is a problem with one or more of the components inside of the system. With an inspection, a professional can pinpoint what the exact cause it and make the repairs that are necessary. Otherwise, if it's ignored, it could lead to more necessary repairs that are just going to cost you more money to take care of. 

While these are the most common reasons an AC inspection is needed at the end of summer, there are plenty of other reasons, as well, especially if your AC was used a great deal this summer. Be sure to call a schedule a professional inspection today. The best case scenario is that nothing will be wrong and you only pay a small fee for the inspection. It's worth it to ensure that you avoid costly repairs in the future. 

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