Air Conditioner Condensation Drain Lines

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While cooling a home is the thing most people associate with air conditioning systems, they also have the very important duty of removing moisture from the air to lower humidity.  Humidity can make a house feel clammy or unpleasant and is very important to manage.  When the water in the air condenses inside the air conditioning unit, it is collected and moves through a small drain pipe through the house and outside.  This is the condensation drain line, and while often overlooked by homeowners, is critical to the proper functioning of the air conditioning system. 

If this becomes blocked, due to mold and algae growth, the condensation will have nowhere to go and will back up into the air conditioner.  This can cause damage to the system and will likely overflow into the home causing even more damage. 

Often the first sign of a problem is either water on the floor or a full drip pan.  Other indicators can be a consistently humid home or a new musty smell starting to occur.

The best cure is always prevention, and the process is pretty easy and should be followed every few months.

For more information on drain cleaning, contact your local HVAC service.