How to Flip a House in 4 Easy Steps

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Flipping a house gives you the opportunity to make money. If you enjoy interior design and home improvement projects, this is the perfect investment for you. Here are four tips to help you flip your first house:

1. Pressure wash the exterior.

If the house you purchased is older, it has probably accumulated a layer of dirt and grime along its exterior. This can contribute to an overall drab look to the house. A pressure washer will instantly remove even the toughest dirt.

If you feel comfortable pressure washing the house yourself, you can rent a pressure washer and save some money. Make sure to test the pressure washer in a small, unnoticeable area of the house at first, to ensure the high pressure won't damage the house's finish. Don't forget to wash the driveway as well. These areas can also accumulate stains which can make them look dingy.

2. Repaint the interior.

Repainting the interior of the house can give it a brand new look. This can be helpful if you want to modernize a house. White walls are a classic but safe choice. Choosing to redo the house with bolder colors will make it stand out.

Before repainting, you'll need to thoroughly clean the walls. Sebum, grease, and dirt may have accumulated on the walls over the years, and this can make it hard for your new coat of paint to adhere to the walls. Wash the walls with soap and paint thinner to remove all residue. Before you begin painting, you may want to rough the walls up with sandpaper to help the base coat adhere.

3. Install air conditioning.

Air conditioning is a big draw for homeowners. This is especially true if you purchased a house in an area that gets hot in the summer. No one wants to suffer through a heatwave while waiting for air conditioning to be installed. Air conditioning makes a house move-in ready. If the house you intend to flip has ducts already installed, central air conditioning won't cost you much more than installing window units. Contact services like Sherwood Mechanical Services to learn more.

4. Add furniture.

Strictly speaking, you don't need to add furniture, but it can help prospective buyers visualize themselves living in your house. Furnished homes are particularly appealing to people who are looking for their first home, who may not have the money to furnish a house themselves. You don't need to spend a lot of money to find attractive furnishings for your flipped house. By scouring thrift shops, yard sales, and antique stores, you can find stunning pieces for inexpensive prices.