Problems Your Ductless System May Have

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If you have a ductless HVAC system in your home, then you have seen the many benefits that include offering you effective heating and cooling that's even and efficient. However, as with all other systems, it has those areas of concern to be aware of. If you haven't already run into any issues with your ductless system, some are bound to happen at some time. The better you are at catching on to issues faster, the better off you and your system will be because you can have things taken care of right away. While other homeowners may allow their system to go too long and pay more for repairs, you can decrease your chances of this by knowing about these areas to pay attention to.

There can be problems with the compressor.

The system's compressor is outside in the same housing as the condenser and the fan. If something happens with the compressor, then the system will blow warm air because the compressor won't be pressurizing the refrigerant, which needs to happen in order for the air to be cooled.

There can be problems with the blower.

The blowers of ductless systems can experience problems with different parts. Whether the problem has to do with the fan in the blower, the coils, or another part, the result will be that the blower won't function how it should. Putting off repairs while continuing to try to run the system can make things much worse, which can lead to costlier and harder-to-repair issues.

There can be issues with the lines.

The ductless system will have a refrigerant line and a condensation line. Issues with either or even both of these lines are possible. Something to think about is that each of these lines tend to be quite long, and this means that the length offers more opportunities for there to be problems that can lead to a leak. Also, there is the risk that there can be a clog in one of them. Either type of problem will need to be taken care of as soon as the problem is found in order for the system to work correctly and without causing other issues.


Now that you have a small glimpse into some of the different types of problems that you should be aware of with your ductless HVAC system, you will be more proactive when it comes to catching on quickly to possible issues and making repair calls right away. Contact an air conditioning repair company to learn more.