4 Commercial Refrigeration Designs That Help Cut Small Business Energy Costs

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Small businesses need energy-efficient mechanical systems to reduce costs and improve profit margins. Therefore, the design of systems like commercial refrigeration needs to be modern and highly efficient. Some of the technology that can be used to accomplish this include features like insulated space, automation, and geothermal energy systems. There are also options for using solar energy to help reduce the costs of commercial refrigeration: 

1. Solar and Renewable Energy That Is Integrated into The Design of Your Commercial Refrigeration  

Solar and renewable energy systems can be a great way to reduce the energy costs of many different mechanical systems. When integrated into the design of commercial refrigeration, the smaller renewable energy systems, like a solar panel or two, can be used to power lighting, small fans and other small electrical components of the refrigeration system.  

2. Geothermal Energy Systems for Commercial Refrigeration and Complete Energy-Efficient Mechanical Solutions  

Geothermal energy is a great solution for mechanical systems, and with commercial refrigeration, the geothermal system can be used to reduce costs. These systems are complete geothermal energy systems that help reduce energy costs for HVAC, plumbing, refrigeration and other commercial mechanical systems. These are energy ecosystems that use the geothermal design for thermal exchange from one system to another.  

3. Automation and Commercial Refrigeration Designs to Reduce Energy Waste and Solve Common Problems  

Automation is another important feature of the design of commercial refrigeration systems. This can be done with solutions like thermostats that are programmable and automatically adjust to business hours. It can also be doors that are automated and lighting on timers and motion sensors. These simple commercial refrigeration automation solutions will help solve common problems with energy loss due to doors left open and lights being on when they are not needed.  

4. Insulation and Thermal Barriers for The Design of Refrigerated Space to Help Reduce Energy Loss 

The insulation of your commercial refrigeration system is also important. You want to make sure that the area where there is refrigerated space has foam sheathing, spray foam, and other materials that help provide a good thermal barrier. If the area is warehouse storage space, spray foam can be an excellent solution to reduce energy loss in these areas.  

These are some of the commercial refrigeration design features that can help small businesses keep energy costs under control. If you need help with these improvements for your small business mechanical needs, contact a commercial refrigeration installation service and talk to them about some of these solutions.